Willow Moon Healing - Michelle Felux

Owner/LMT/Certified BodyMind Coach

I help people who feel constrained by society go from feeling stress, anxiousness and self-critical learn to embrace being who you are.

I help you start to step out and show your authentic self to the world… so that you can FEEL GOOD even if it brushes up against social norms!

Since March 2018, I’ve been living with ocular melanoma… a rare eye cancer which only affects about 5 in a million people, with 50% of patients experiencing metastasis, and a not so rosy prognosis. 

I joke that I won the most unlucky lottery! 

But you know what’s funny, navigating this process has helped me learn how to embrace my authentic self AND show it to the world! 

Now that’s what I help my clients do through a process of coaching through embodiment. 

I will try new things that make me happy. Things that I would have been embarrassed or hesitant to do. I have made decisions to reduce stress in my life. I have learned to trust what my body tells me. What has this entailed? A wide variety of experiences, such as:

  • Taking Irish Step dancing lessons - when there wasn’t an adult class so I was with other girls aged 10 or less! I even had a mom ask who my daughter was and I said I was there for me! The best part? I actually did Irish dancing with professional dancers in Dublin!

Taking swing dance lessons with my husband. We even will dress up in vintage 1940s-1950s clothing; I use pincurls to set my hair and do all the underpinnings! I will now dress up like this when the mood strikes and you can catch me downtown where I live in this attire! (You now know the origins of my pictures on this site!) I even dressed in this style for my ribbon cutting when I moved my practice to Culpeper.

Dress in elaborate Pirate clothing. I have built this up with numerous trips to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This is not your costume-in-a-bag! This is also something my husband and I will do together. This outfit empowers me, as I portray a Captain! I have also been known to wear this for masquerade parties.

  • Dressing up in various costumes and outfits - for Halloween, masquerade balls, high tea, and so on. It’s so much fun, brings me so much happiness, and I really don’t mind the odd looks from those around town! 

Learned fly fishing. I was fishing with a spin cast rod for about a year before I caved to my husband’s insistence I try fly fishing. I received a gift of a day with a guide, a female angler, and I absolutely fell in love with this sport! 

  • I moved my business of 10 years to the town where I live, which is an hour away from the previous location; I basically started over with needing to rebuild a new clientele. AND this was while COVID had been present for almost 20 months. The results? I reduced my commute from an hour to 7 minutes and I love working and living in the same community! I also have so much more time with my family and for activities I enjoy. One of my long-time clients, who followed me on when I moved, on her first appointment in my new studio, even commented that I looked less stressed!

I love being able to help my clients achieve their goals, no matter what they may look like! I’m here to support you so that you feel seen, heard and understood. I’ll also give you accountability so you’re able to keep making empowered choices to move toward your goals.

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I’ve been providing massage and wellness services for the past 12 years, and I am not your average massage therapist.

I help my clients using a combination of coaching, embodiment practices and therapeutic massage.

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